The Product

What ecotec solid surfaces is NOT

- acrylic solid surface
- polyester solid surface
- just another solid surface material

What ecotec solid surfaces IS

- a soy-urethane solid surface
- the only material of its kind….in the world
- the next generation in solid surface material


- withstands a greater impact than other solid surface materials
- surface will not shatter due to most common household accidents
- powdered glass content makes the surface more scratch resistent


- 20-25% lighter than acrylic and polyester solid surfaces
- 3.8 lbs per sq. ft. compared to 4.8 – 5.25 lbs per sq. ft. for acrylic/polyester
- easier installs
- less transportation costs


- contains 42+% renewable and recycled materials
- almost 4 times more renewable and recycled materials than other solid surface materials